Johannes Zacherl - Iris Blanc 160.160 -



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Johannes Zacherl paints. He paints with voracity, burning all around him.

Every thing, every sign becomes a pretext; they are immediately converted into lines, colors, surface, "thicknesses"

Life is short, the emotions are intense, it must be retransmitted immediately and without waiting.

His gesture is precise, powerful, but remains subtle and determined. His movements are wide and the colors vibrate, blend

and combine under his brush.

The canvases are immense, they fill the available space, it becomes impossible not to penetrate within the worlds created

and suggested by Johannes Zacherl.

The act of painting itself, becomes a consecrated dance ...

The revered idolater is indifferently a woman's body, a pair of shoes, a flower, a fish.

Johannes Zacherldances all around his model, admires it in all its aspects, feels it, feels it, then, finally, jumps, sketches, returns, explodes, projects itself, like a brawler,...a little as if his life depended on a clumsy brushstroke, a moment of inattention, a relaxation of concentration.

His works are part of many public and private collections.

His acts as a painter make each creation the expression of a surge of emotions and artistic expression.

Preferring large formats that allow him a freedom of gesture and movement more obvious, he transmits, through his works,

energy, poetry and the force that animate it.