N°161 - Mounto Reinhardt - Encre sur Papier - 50.50 cm - 1100.JPG


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Acrylic, Ink, / Paper,

«...My existence is constituted of two fundamentals, Appearance and Inner Self.
Appearance is sensory to me, the structural Inner Self.
From ancestral to today, from alchemy to Art; knowledge and existence have never ceased to evolve.

We ourselves, due to our existance in time, are a part of Art; without it we wouldn’t properly exist.
Interiority results from this transition through Art, from the organic state and becoming spiritual... »
My painting is the birth of a pictorial fact.
It is a search in perpetual change, structuring an introspective universe, in accordance with the laws of an inner world.
The line, the form, the colour are my pictorial component, those to which my thought are dedicated, reaching for objectivity to executeand create...»

N°174 Mounto Reinhardt Acrylique sur papier . 50 x 50 cm. 2014.JPG


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