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Certified, Signed by the Artist

Hubert Duprilot occupies a unique place in painting, between art brut and expressionism. 

A boundless search to offer a work apart, which inevitably leaves a strong mark in the mind of the viewer. 

His very remarkable representation of humanity shows great sensitivity, a visceral need to paint. 

The colors, the serious, mythological or "lighter" subjects reflect the relationship between man and his condition. His approach places him in a prestigious furrow that once used Zoran Music or Giacometti.

Hubert Duprilot was born in 1975 and lives in Rouen. (Jean-Henri Maisonneuve)

Touching on everything talented who still seems to be looking for his "style", Hubert Duprilot goes from drawing to painting, puts on glue, takes a piece of cardboard, a little ink ...

And the ideas are there, which urge the gestures, the images arrive which call for others. 

Does it exist to have too much talent?

If so, maybe that's what happens to Hubert Duprilot. 

After quite a few years of regular work, the artist is constantly rebounding towards other things, always renewing himself. 

He excels in his ability to stage colors and materials, offering a range of techniques that he nevertheless puts at the service of a quest for meaning. 

His pseudo anatomical plates where the sketches share the territory with the writing, the spots and the skillfully orchestrated drips, are for the eye and the intellect, a delight of invention and demonstrate to us that art has no finished being innovative.

At least as long as there is Hubert Duprilot!

(Jean-Henri Maisonneuve)

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