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Hugues Elbe has always had a passion for the visual arts.

What the child cannot express in words is often found in his drawings.

Sometimes the child becomes an artist.

This Passion was nourished during his studies (teacher training school in the 70s) ...

... From his teaching profession (we can learn a lot from children's looks), and like everyone else, from what

he has found throughout his life in his daily environment,

his travels, his encounters and the multiplicity existing


What can inspire desire, joy, indignation, revolt is a source of creation.​

Misunderstanding about the absurd part of the world and of life also becomes very important.

He therefore does not conceive of the image as a decoration but as an expression beyond words.

The technique is only there to sublimate the intention. Its supports used are photography, digital montages,

various collages and acrylic painting,…, if only for the pleasure that this always unique contact with the material provides. Today, he devotes himself fully to these expressions.


Hahnemühle PhotoRag Mat 305g

The PhotoRag Mat 305g is the favorite paper of photographers and painters for the realization of art prints.

The touch and the very fine and flexible superficial structure of the PhotoRag are remarkably suitable for black & white and color art prints. It is perfect for the reproduction of works of art with a great depth of image. This paper has an extraordinary hand and exceptional rendering for all creations. 305g / m² · 100% Cotton · White – Matt


Ready-To-Frame / Hahnemühle PhotoRag Mat 305g / Passe-Partout (White)

The Ready-To-Frame presents your draw according to the best conditions of a frame that you are free to realize or not. Your print on PhotoRag Mat 305g is laminated on a thin cardboard then embellished with a Passe-Partout (white). Each Passe-Partout (1.4 mm) is made to measure according to the image and optimizes the quality of its representation.


The work is centered with white margins.

The reproduction of the work represents (approximately 80%) of the chosen format.

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