“...Often, to live in a place, a city, is to forget it as one lives there!

I often made this observation by talking here and there.

Alicante in Spain, where I realize exclusively my photographs, is a noisy city!

Multiple cultures "crash", resonate and live together.

It is a place of extraordinary emotions...”

Give to feel, Give to discover, To give to see these sensations suggested, here or there, by the street, the places, the things, the landscapes and, the people who surprise, astonish and live, are for me essential requirements.

I like to suggest these multiple, ordinary or extraordinary lives, the real or supposed freedoms of those places and lives that intersect.
By "disguising" the reality of my photographs, suggesting an "essential detail" here or there, proposing an expression "original"; I suggest some other universes or interpretations!

It is the memories of our respective realities that must prevail.

I only wish to propose!...” Theo Arno



Canson®Infinity Baryta Prestige 340g

Canson® Infinity Baryta Prestige 340g is composed of acid-free alpha-cellulose and a white cotton paper base. This soft and shiny baryta paper evokes the appearance and aesthetics of traditional silver papers.

The characteristics of this paper are truly unique, giving it excellent longevity, remarkable black optical density and exceptional image finesse.



Ready-To-Frame / Canson®Infinity Baryta 340g / Passe-Partout (White)

The Ready-To-Frame presents your draw according to the best conditions of a frame that you are free to realize or not. Your print on Canson®Infinity Baryta Prestige 340g is laminated on a thin cardboard then embellished with a Passe-Partout (white). Each Passe-Partout (1.4 mm) is made to measure according to the image and optimizes the quality of its representation.


The work is centered with white margins.

The reproduction of the work represents (approximately 80%) of the chosen format.

Barrios 15 - Prints Certified/Signed/1/30