Jean D'Hau Dessins 70.90 cm / 1980 / Papier Crystal 300g / Certified/Signed


Jean d'Hau is an "empirical"!

French artist, he constantly enriches his creations, by painting which remains his first artistic identity and to which he is very attached,

It is also this free spirit who devotes himself passionately to sculpture and other plastic arts.

He was very early inspired by Picabia, Dali, Picasso and the primitive paintings of Lascaux.

He is also passionate about contemporary works by Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons or Roberto Matta.

To these, it is necessary to consider the people met during his numerous journeys; anonymous artists or renowned artisans, devoting themselves to art with the ambition to open to the diversity of the world.

Jean d'Hau is an artist who does not rely on a particular movement and whose freedom to discover is almost a fundamental demand.

Jean D'Hau Dessins 70.90 cm - 1980 - Certified/Signed

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