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"...and thus exist the circumstances of the essence that characterize our lives ¡...This "Spirits Collection" expresses this subtle metamorphosis of the body that knows perfectly how to oblige the soul, the experiences, the feelings, the life... .Thus, the Bodies, without emancipating themselves from their first obligation, must take us away, transport us towards these new and founding freedoms...I want to suggest these "outbursts" ¡..."

She likes simple raw materials (plaster, mortar..., India ink, pigments...)
Their bodies are staged in turns and hugs. They are states of mind and wounds of the soul but also sensuality, energy of the body and matter.
Laurence Bertini, born in 1973 in Paris, lives and works in Bordeaux and Alicante (Spain).

EAP (Paris School of Plastic Arts) and Ateliers des Beaux Arts Paris.